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In the present era of the consumers, building great consumer experiences is at the core of every successful company. Businesses need to have combined demand and supply chains that guarantee knowledgeable, committed, and individual lessons that can be built immediately.

In this course, you will study regarding one of the four core processes in the Intelligent Enterprise Suite (IES) – the Lead-to-Cash process. The program will take you over a course set up using SAP C/4HANA.

After finishing this course, you will learn SAP C/4HANA’s capacities when it gets to building a seamless Lead-to-Cash course. Moreover, how their combined cloud contributions enable workers to achieve a uniform and pleasant customer experience.

High-Performance Analytic Appliance

SAP HANA is a techno-functional module that gives a real-time floor that unites database and application capacities in-memory to modify transactions and analytics. SAP HANA is developed on the next-generation in-memory data processing design pattern for quicker knowledge processing.

It is thought to be a breakthrough technology that can take business achievement to the next level.

The certification exam confirms that the applicant has the necessary information needed in the field of High-Performance Analytic Appliance. The certification confirms that the applicant not only has the pre-requisite knowledge of HANA but also is also able to use these skills practically following the guidance of project leadership.

Course Contents

  • Summary of SAP HANA
  • The structure of SAP in-memory computing
  • SAP HANA Scenarios
  • Supply Network Planning (APO SNP)
  • Overview of data provisioning in SAP HANA 
  • SAP Data Services
  • SAP LT Replication Server
  • SAP Direct Extractor Connection (DXC)
  • Flat File upload
  • Modeling with SAP HANA
  • SAP HANA Interfaces to BI client tools, including
  • SAP Business Objects Explorer
  • SAP Business Objects Analysis
  • SAP Crystal Reports
  • SAP Business Objects Dashboards
  • SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence

Preferable Target Audience

  • Understanding of DBMS (Database Management Systems)
  • Two and more years of experience working in any of the following: BI tools (Oracle BI, SAP BO/BI/BW, IBM Cognos, Open source), DB Administration, ETL Tools, Crystal Reports, SAP Data Services
  • Any graduate or postgraduate
  • Solution consultants
  • People interested in Lead-to-Cash and SAP C/4HANA

Profile of a HANA Consultant

  • HANA Consultant is responsible for the following activities:
  • Learn Business from a management reporting perspective.
  • Plan customer needs in SAP HANA.
  • Train users for utilizing the SAP system.
  • Design and improve the system for the best data processing performance.

Growth Path

HANA consultant has upright growth opportunities by promoting as team lead, Technical Lead, Project Manager, Program Manager Etc.

One can also cross-train oneself into separate modules like Cloud Computing, BI, BObj etc…

The focus has shifted from running sales to attaining productivity & ROI. The modular applications have been improved for a more straightforward selection of best functionality with the ROI and scalability of a suite. SAP C/4HANA includes the most reliable and most advanced SAP solutions viz. Hybris, Gigya and Callidus Cloud to meet customer data, marketing, trade, sales and client services. CRM uses machine learning and AI to handle field service technicians. SAP C/4HANA balances its back-end financial software to front office to redefine consumer relation management. They are resulting in a more permanent alliance of all significant roles in operating on legacy ERP – non-SAP or SAP for more dependable delivery.


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